Quadrant Private Equity is one of Australia’s leading private equity firms with a track record of successful investments since its inception in 1996


Quadrant Private Equity was first established in 1996 (firstly as Quadrant Capital) and is a leading Sydney-based mid-market private equity firm investing in companies in Australia and New Zealand. We have raised $9 billion and 14 funds since inception.

Quadrant has extensive investment experience, having led 90 investments in the past 14 funds (with 63 exits) across a range of sectors including retail, healthcare, media, consumer foods, financial services, eCommerce and other sectors.

Quadrant’s investors include leading Australian and global superannuation funds, investment funds and sovereign wealth funds. Many of these investors have been investors across multiple Quadrant funds.

Some of Quadrant's current and former investments include Affinity Education, My Muscle Chef, Fitness and Lifestyle Group, Darrell Lea, Prime 100, Quad Lock, Love To Dream, APM, Arq Group, Probe CX, Qscan, ICON Cancer Care, and Zip Water.


Quadrant has a strong track record of partnering with management and other shareholders through our investment horizon.

Our approach is to be collaborative, collective and arrive at decisions via consensus. We bring strategic and operational improvements skills from owning and investing in 90 companies as well as deep relationships with a range of stakeholders.

We have significant experience in preparing businesses for exit and bring a successful track record in this regard. Quadrant has won a number of awards in recent years from various industry bodies and the companies that we have listed continue to deliver strong returns for investors.


Our focus is creating value in our portfolio investments by building strong and sustainable businesses with a focus on growth. We work closely with management, the founders and all stakeholders to deliver a clear business plan at the outset and discuss long term strategic plans. In doing so, we look to create value for all stakeholders.

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Our focus is creating value in our portfolio investments by building strong and sustainable businesses with a focus on growth. In doing so, we look to create value for all stakeholders.


With all our investments we have a clear thesis in place with an exit in mind. The attributes that are key to potential buyers of the market will be developed over the investment period to maximise value and drive returns. Quadrant has executed on a number of successful exits including to trade, secondary and via initial public offering.

We dedicate a number of investment executives on all our portfolio companies and put in place a lean and responsible board structure. This allows the key decision makers the opportunity to move quickly and aid in efficient decision market processes to ensure the business is nimble.

Quadrant will also dedicate investment executives to increasing execution and management capabilities. Our focus is on growth and we will attract new talent to increase capabilities (if required) and expand existing teams to support growth and development.