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19/07/2018 News


Rockpool Dining Group is currently investigating concerns regarding award pay and rostering procedures. The Group has also commissioned PwC to undertake an independent audit of payroll. The objective is to quickly determine if anyone among the Group’s community of employees has been impacted. We expect this audit to be completed by the end of August 2018.

Should the investigation confirm any amounts that are owing to employees, Rockpool Dining Group has committed to take all necessary steps to pay those amounts in full as soon as possible.

Rockpool Dining Group was formed through the merger of Urban Purveyor Group, Fratelli and Rockpool during 2015 and 2016. Like many businesses in the hospitality sector, Rockpool Dining Group has had to work hard to improve disparate payroll systems in order to manage the complexity of multiple shifts, sites, rosters and awards.

Significant investments have been made in modernising systems and procedures. For businesses ofRockpool Dining Group’s size and complexity, investments in technology, processes and procedures are continual. As a shareholder, we will continue to support further investment in the business.

Quadrant has a proud history of investing in and growing Australian businesses that offer opportunities for local employment, training and advancement. We continue to monitor this matter closely. Ensuring Rockpool Dining Group continues to provide a fair, equitable and safe working environment is a priority.

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