Enrich Health Group

Enrich Health Group is a diversified, multidisciplinary community care provider offering an inspired new vision for aged and home care services.


Quadrant identified the opportunity to develop a diversified, multidisciplinary community care provider to offer unique value through innovative models of support and care for clients in the Home Care, Injury Rehabilitation & Wellness, and Disability sectors.


In July 2016, Quadrant announced a Joint venture with RACWA to form Home Care Holdings (now Enrich Health Group). Enrich Health Group has grown 5 fold since formation through targeted acquisitions expanding its geographic footprint and service portfolio. Investments include Enrich Living Services, Generation Health, Healthcare of New Zealand Holdings and Sue Mann Nursing & Community Care.

Enrich Living Services (formerly known as St Ives Home Care, HomeCare Options and Community Care Services) has been providing professional care for a growing number of older Australians who chose to stay in their own homes as they age, providing piece of mind for the clients and their families. Enrich Living Services employs over 500 dedicated staff around Australia providing a range of services from personal support through to assistance with health care and medications.

Generation Health is a leading national supplier of personal injury rehabilitation and ancillary clinical and prevention services in Australia. The group delivers services across personal injury, occupational health, medico-legal, disability employment and community allied health.

Healthcare of New Zealand Holdings is the largest homecare and disability services provider in New Zealand with over NZ$400m of revenue.

Sue Mann Nursing & Community Care was established in 1984, and is the leading community care provider in the Central Coast and Hunter regions.